16 Jun

Women in the west of Ireland are becoming more and more interested in Non- surgical cosmetic procedures and yet I feel that there isn't enough publicity out there as to what exactly dermal fillers do and how they can be used to "Enhance" a woman as opposed to totally dramatically " Altering " a woman's appearance . Nowadays there are many different varieties of dermal fillers on the Irish Market and exactly HOW do you choose which filler is suitable for you? or what can you do if the filler doesn't suit you , like are you stuck with it for life?? The simple answer is : If you choose wisely and stick to Hyluronic acids then they are completely reversible !!

Thats the good news


If you have to get them removed my experience is that they "may" kill the surrounding tissues and you end up with a larger wrinkle than you started off with, because of this it is vitally important that you begin your dermal filler journey with lots of knowledge and awareness of any contraindications because in my view it is not enough to "trust " in the doctors . It is your responsibility to make an informed decision , after all you only have one face and it is the one part of your anatomy that is on constant show and cannot be hidden ( other than the pandemic mask right now )

I hope you found this a good introduction to the world of fillers ill be back tomorrow to carry on with this topic 

Have a GREAT DAY & Don't sweat the small stuff

xoxo AlisonBrowZ


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